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API 653 Storage Tank Repairs and Modifications


ITC Tank provides expert API 653 storage tank repairs and modifications for virtually any industrial application, from oil terminals to specialty chemical companies. Our API 653 storage tank repair services are available for clients in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, and include the following:

Replacement Tank Bottoms: We replace slot-through API 653-style storage tank bottom systems with secondary containment, optional cathodic protection, and leak detection per API 653

Tank Bottom Repairs: We install lap patches on tank bottoms, weld top-side pits, re-weld bottom joints, and re-weld corner weld or sump welds

Annular Bottom Rings: If corrosion is limited to the outer section of the tank bottom, in lieu of an entire bottom replacement, we can install an annular ring per API 653

Shell Patches or Whole Ring: We offer tank shell modifications including replacement storage tank shell flush patches and plates with optional 100% x-ray of weld seams per API 653, or entire ring and roof replacements

Nozzles & Piping: As part of many storage tank repair projects, inlet, heating, and outlet piping and nozzles may need to be upgraded, modified, or replaced. Pipe installation and piping modifications play a crucial role in many projects

Diffusers and Vortex Breakers: We offer storage tank internal inlet diffuser installation or modification as well as swingline upgrades on the inlet. We also offer vortex breakers and settlement troughs for suction nozzles per API 653

Heating Coils: ITC offers internal storage tank heating coil replacements. Serpentine coils, bayonets, and stand-up heater bundles are commonly replaced per API 653

Waterdraws: We offer storage tank waterdraw fittings and valve replacements as well as internal piping modifications per API 653

Level Gages: We replace and upgrade Product Level Gages like Varec 2500, Varec 6700, or Shand & Jurs products

General Repairs: ITC provides roof patch installation and Painter's Safety Tie-offs

Venting: Our tank venting upgrades include standard open-air gooseneck vents, pressure vacuum vents, and desiccant air driers. These are commonly installed per API 653 and API 2000

Floating Roof Repairs: We offer repair and replacement of floating roof seals and pontoon maintenance

Structural Modifications: ITC provides center pole and roof rafter replacements. We also offer center pole wear pad installation per API 653

Access Improvements: We offer storage tank spiral stairway and ladder modifications and additions per API 653 and AWS standards

Ring and Roof: We provide storage tank top shell course and roof replacements with roof structure modifications or upgrades per API 653

Cathodic Protection Systems:  Sacrificial anode or impressed current cathodic protection systems can be included in bottom replacement upgrades.

PA DEP Certified Installers:  If you need storage tank repairs done in Pennsylvania that requires Certified Installer Supervision, ITC can help

West Virginia Tank Law:  We have helped several clients navigate WV's Storage Tank Laws and interface with WV DEP regulators

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